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General Public



We have always been keen to make the General Public aware of the services we offer and the massive benefits they can bring financially to individuals.


Quantity Surveying and Estimating are predominately confined to the Construction Industry. The Estimators role being to quickly produce accurate costs for each project. The Quantity Surveyors role is thyen to manage the costs whist the building works are on going, ensuring that the proposals set by the Estimator are met and more importantly bettered.


The same principles apply to general building works no matter what the size, and the cost is minimal when compared to the potential savings.


We are able to offer the following services with regards to domestic building works


  • Production of detailed schedules for your required building works which detail the extent of the works together with the estimated cost
  • Assitance with selection of qualified trades people
  • Production of rough estimates where a indication of cost prior to making a planning application is required
  • Advice on how to issue your enquiries to Builders
  • Advice on  or management of costs throughout the job ie for additional works or for omitting works that are no longer required 
  • Schedules of costs for submission to mortgage lenders for use with Self Build Projects


The range of works to which our services would apply are as follows


  • Single or double storey extensions
  • New Garages
  • Driveway or landscaping works
  • Boundary wall works
  • Loft Conversions
  • New Builds, including Self Builds


An example would be a 2 storey extension that a client was considering after receiving Planning Permission. They had received three quotes varying from 38,000 to 47,000. We prepared a fully detailed cost estimate for the extension which produced a figure of 32,000. They then contacted another builder and the previous lowest bidder. They finally agreed on a figure of 33,000 for the works which was completed succesfully and without any further dispute.


Hence they saved 5000 on their project. However had they only approached the builder with the most expensive quote then they would of paid a massive 14,000 above the standard market rates. No bad considering our standard fee for preparing such a estimate is usually around 150-200. 


We are extremely flexible in our approach and would generally look to return all quotations in paper format together with a copy for future use on Excel with 7 days. All original drawings are returned un-marked as we take care of all further copies we require.